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Balance and Death Knights.

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Standard Balance and Death Knights.


If they are going to balance cards this i a good opportunity to talk about the more powerful cards, and I'm talking about the arguably most busted cards here, the DK's.What makes a DK powerful? The Battlecry? The armor? The tempo (for some)? No. Those effects are second products, "just there to add a little more survivability" the for some those effects are anyways powerful, (examples only) the mage who gets almost infinite recovery, same class who has ice block and the best removal, the priest who gets to deal 2 damage for each cards they get when they can generate infinite amounts of cards, the shaman who can keep his board alive and of high quality better than a priest can, the warlock who gets a powerful board and in addition 2 mana deal 3 lifesteal every turn?

Please help.

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