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Water-Cooling a system 24/7? Feasable, or not Practical/Safe?

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Standard Water-Cooling a system 24/7? Feasable, or not Practical/Safe?


quick one for everyone (probably an easy one for you guru's, have pity on an OC'ing neophyte!). I am building up a new system, and just picked up my Abit VP6 mobo today (finally!) and am going to throw a pair of 750E or 800E cC0's on it tomorrow (any opinions between these for OC'ing appreciated!)... I am wanting to OC it to 1Ghz if I can, and am thinking about trying out water-cooling on this system for the first time. My one concern is that this box *must* run pretty much 24/7, and rarely will even be rebooted (will be acting as a video server)... is watercooling an impractical idea for a system that will be on all the time, sometimes unattended? I know that it has to be set up just right, but I have read alot about issues with condensation and such being inherent in these systems. Do you guys who watercool leave your boxes on night and day, or just crank them up to play some Quake, or run Seti with you hovering nearby ready to pull the plug if something goes wrong? I need this box to run rock-solid, and cant really risk it burning up or 'leaking'. Is there a turnkey kit for watercooling use (I realize I might have to double-up for a SMP system) that is very tried and true? I don't want to do this by trial-and-error, so laying out some cash to get it together right the first time would not be an issue. Any tips, advice, pointers or insults greatly appreciated.

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It will work without any limitations.
I ran a system 24/7 with a passiv Radiator for over a year.
There is no problem with condensation that you would not have with any aircooled system.
If you plan on placing the radiator outside of your house where it gets cold during the night then condensation might occur along the tubing when the "extremely" cold fluid cools down the tube so that the moist warm air inside your house/case can condense. Just leave the radiator inside the house next to/ inside the computer case and everything will be fine.

I am currently owning at least 6 watercoole pcs ranging from my Gaming/ Everyday System over a bench system to some older Pcs that where converted into storage servers (i even watercooled the hdds in those which is completely unnecessary)
Make sure to use quality components such as Aquacomputer, EK and the likes and your system will be fine. If you are afraid of any Malfunctions you can always purchase an Aquaero from Aquacomputer which is capable of monitoring temperatures, the hight of your fluid in the res, controll your fans and much more.
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