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Connecting the WOL Cable
NOTE: If your system’s motherboard WOL Connector does not fit the WOL Cable or does not
have 3 pins, do not attempt to force a connection or alter the components to fit. Doing so could
permanently damage your computer.
The WOL function is system dependent, in addition to the following instructions, you may
need to download WOL software from INTEL or another manufacturer’s website.

Please consult your computer’s manual for specific BIOS settings.
The WOL Cable is an interconnect cable with standard 3-pin connectors on each end. Please follow
the procedures listed below to ensure proper installation of the WOL cable.
1.Connect either end connector of the WOL Cable to the NIC WOL Connector. Both ends of the
WOL Cable are identical, so either end may be used.
Examine the PC motherboard and/or refer to the manual for the motherboard to locate the corre-
sponding WOL Connector on the motherboard. The actual location is system dependent, but the
motherboard may have a label beside the WOL Connector. After you have located the WOL connector
on the motherboard, connect the cable.
wenn das board also keinen anschluss für das kabel bietet kannst (befürchte ich) davon ausgehen dass wol abhaken darfst.
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